February 24th, 2021

NOVA Coldstore has announced they have broken ground on a multi-million-dollar expansion to their state-of-the-art cold storage facility in Taunton, Massachusetts.   With an unprecedented increase of demand from existing customers as well as new customer requests for respective services, NOVA cites an incredible growth rate of over 100% to the company in the last 4 years.  To evolve operations to meet and exceed service expectations at all touchpoints in cold storage logistics, NOVA will offer an expanded footprint of 177,000 sq ft, 7,385,000 cu ft and 24,500 pallet positions across the two modern facilities, when the new expansion build out is complete.

Jay Rosen, President and CEO of NOVA cites the companies foremost service capabilities as one of the key growth factors.  In 2020, he said, “I’ve spent close to 40 years in the business, and timely, one-on-one individualized service and experience is critical – and that’s the NOVA difference. We do personalized service better than anyone else.”  At the time, NOVA Coldstore had announced a new state of the art cold storage facility in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, complementing the company’s existing Taunton facility with a newly acquired temperature-controlled facility in Fall River.

NOVA services some of the largest perishable customers in the US and Canada and is also a provider to many smaller local businesses.  As a right sized cold chain partner, NOVA Coldstore facilities services range from order management tools like an online customer portal to full-service inventory management, including strapping, labeling, re-boxing, case picking, full pallet replenishment, and plate freezing that allows seafood to be frozen straight from the docks, packaged and stored for a streamlined process critical to many New England businesses.  All operations are equipped with a high level of protection, where inventories are held under strict conditions with 24-hour monitoring & security.

Growing exponentially since its inception in 2017, NOVA’s new large expansion will offer their ample customer base an expanded footprint with the latest in cold chain technologies and innovative services.  “We’re proud to offer highly customized service to each and every customer and to have built a truly hands-on business.  Our customers trust us to provide the highest quality modern engineering and inventory management but with a small company individualized level of service and flexibility.  With our expansion, our continuous goal remains to become the go-to “Best in Class” provider in the region.  At NOVA, our mission is to consistently deliver the highest level of service possible – period.”  Rosen went on to say.